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As a Managed Care Organization (MCO) with responsibility for meeting your members’ health care needs, you need a dependable support team. Tennessee Carriers is a valuable member of that team – one you can always count on.


Tennessee Carriers operates a state-of-the-art Call Center where our well-trained and helpful staff handles more than 60,000 calls per month using the latest technology guaranteed to facilitate prompt service for our Riders.

We help determine whether the Rider qualifies for NEMT services and, if so, the most appropriate level of transportation for the Rider.

We schedule and assign transport to the appropriate NEMT service delivery partner based on the Rider’s medical and mobility needs.

We monitor and carefully manage our transportation network to ensure the company adheres to prescribed quality standards to perform the NEMT service.


Tennessee Carriers serves as a broker for transport services, coordinating 75,000 trips per month for mobility-challenged individuals who need help in getting to and from medical appointments.


Tennessee Carriers operates with a safety first philosophy that emphasizes safe operations for both our Transporters and our Riders.

Our comprehensive approach relies on a mix of technology, training, coaching and monitoring to ensure that our Safety First standards are incorporated into each Transporters’ daily operations.

Safety First standards include:

  • Comprehensive driver background checks
  • Driver Safety
  • Initial and on-going DOT physical
  • Initial and on-going drug and alcohol testing
  • Mandatory use of restraints and or special seating for all passengers regardless of age.
  • Defensive driving training
  • ADA safety and securement training
  • Vehicle inspections covering licensing, cleanliness, safety and maintenance of all vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance records and trip logs



In addition to our company’s own integrity, we are always mindful that our record of compliance also reflects on the Managed Care Organizations we serve and are committed to maintaining the highest standards.

Tennessee Carriers has an enviable record of strict compliance with State and Federal regulations governing our industry. We pay special attention to the most crucial aspects of our business, including call center management, transporter vetting and training, vehicle condition and performance and the prompt payment of claims.