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Tennessee Carriers is committed to making the HealthCare Provider’s day go smoothly and efficiently. From scheduling through our state-of-the-art Call Center to arrival in your waiting room, we focus on quality service, timely response, punctuality and patient safety.

Above all, your patients know they can count on us to meet schedules and ensure reliable arrival times without fear of no-shows or cancelled appointments. We take all available measures to reduce waiting times and provide the ultimate in trip management and Rider support.


Tennessee Carriers operates a state-of-the-art Call Center where our well-trained and helpful staff handles more than 60,000 calls per month using the latest technology guaranteed to facilitate prompt service for your patients.

We help determine whether your patients qualify for NEMT services and, if so, the most appropriate level of transportation for your patient.

We schedule and assign transport to the appropriate NEMT service delivery partner based on your patient’s medical and mobility needs and geographical location.

We monitor and carefully manage our transportation network to ensure the company adheres to prescribed quality standards to perform the NEMT service.


As Tennessee’s largest non-emergency medical transportation provider, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of performance and compliance and trust our HealthCare Providers to do the same.

The success of our network requires an ongoing commitment to excellence. For our HealthCare Providers, that means you can always count on us to transport your patients to and from your office safely and on time.

A thorough understanding of the requirements and standards for transportation will help your staff schedule and communicate with your patients more accurately. We sincerely hope that by “helping your patients help themselves” you will reduce crowding in your waiting rooms, no-shows, and other delays that reduce the efficiency of your practice. Please have your schedulers, front desk personnel, or discharge nurses read and hopefully use this important information.

TennCare Pick-up and Delivery Standards

Tennessee Carriers and its NEMT partners fully abide by the Bureau of TennCare’s pick-up and delivery standards. These standards allow the NEMT shared ride programs to function, while maintaining reasonable wait times for your patients.

  1. NEMT Transporters are required to provide the approved level of service that is requested during the trip booking. (i.e. curb to curb, door to door, or hand to hand).
  2. Transporters must arrive at pre-arranged times for pick-ups and drop-offs. If a prearranged time has not been determined (i.e. “Will-Call”), the transporter must pick up your patient within one (1) hour of notification that he/she is ready to go home.
  3. When the transporter arrives, the driver will make his/her presence known to the patient. If the patient is not present or ready within five (5) minutes, the driver will notify dispatch and depart the location. The patient will be counted as a no-show. Subsequent attempts to pick up members who have already no-showed may be delayed.
  4. The driver may refuse transportation when the member, his/her escort, or an accompanying adult (for a member under age eighteen (18)), according to a reasonable person’s standards, is noticeably indisposed (disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, intoxicated), is armed (firearms), is in possession of illegal drugs, knives and/or other weapons, commits a criminal offense, or is in any other condition that may affect the safety of the driver or persons being transported. If a driver refuses to transport a member the driver will immediately notify dispatch, and dispatch will notify Tennessee Carriers.

Urgent Trips

Urgent Trips are trips for appointments or unscheduled episodic situations in which there is no threat to life or limb, but the patient must be seen on the same day. Hospital discharges and crisis stabilization unit discharges are considered urgent trips. Other urgent trips are based upon thoughtful identification by the health care provider. Any urgent trip is subject to verification of its urgency via phone call to the physician.

If the medical need is not urgent, health care providers should not attempt to schedule them for the same day if the patient requires transportation.

Pick up the patient within three (3) hours of notification if the member lives in an urban area and within four (4) hours if the member lives in a rural area. Notification occurs when Tennessee Carriers receives the call from the patient, case manager, or physician and is made aware of the need.

Short Notice Trips

When appointments and trips are scheduled with less than seventy-two (72) hours’ notice, they place an increased burden on the transportation system.

For patients who require transportation, we ask that you only schedule appointments within seventy-two (72) hours if the physician believes that treatment must not be delayed because of patient care needs, availability, or both.

Many TennCare patients cannot “just swing by the doctor”. Thoughtful scheduling will assist everyone involved in your patients’ care, including the patients themselves. Please help us all to avoid this whenever possible.